I would recommend VoD to anyone!

green cow 2Richard and David Green farm at Shirley Farm, Whiston, near Leek, Staffordshire. Currently milking 95 British Friesian and crossbred cows through an 8 stall Westfalia Auto Tandem milking parlour. Milk is currently being supplied to Joseph Heler Cheese.

 “With the original motor being 18 years old and also the constant rise in electricity prices we were looking at ways to save on energy bills.

“We decided to go ahead and the GEA VoD was installed by JACE supplies in the summer of 2013. Immediately we noticed the amount of energy used to run the vacuum pump was reduced and now estimate that the cost of installing VoD will have paid for itself within two years, even at current electricity tariffs.

“The parlour environment is much quieter too because the regulator is no longer releasing excess vacuum. Also we have noticed a decrease In the Incidence of mastitis within the herd, which is excellent for the overall health of the herd.

“We are extremely pleased with the VoD and the work carried out by JACE supplies and would recommend installing VoD to anyone”


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