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Throughout August and September special packs of 25L Agroserve teat dips and detergents will include a DL leaflet with important information on the latest changes to your dairy hygiene chemical labels.  It is important to familiarise yourself with the changes to these labels and so this leaflet will help you to find out what has changed.

As well as this you will be able to request the products updated Safety Data Sheet and two A3 laminated posters with information on the new hazard symbols and safe use of chemicals which you can use in the work place.

The leaflet will also include a voucher which you can collect and exchange for the following Agroserve items:

  • Cap =  1 voucher available when any product is bought
  • Dip cup  = 2 vouchers available when any 2 different products are bought
  • Milking apron  = 3 vouchers available when any 3 different products are bought*

*Applies to special packs of 25L Agroserve detergent or udder health products  whilst stocks last

Vouchers must be redeemed by Friday 1st April 2016.

Contact us to find out more.  Alternatively visit www, to see the full product range.

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