Jeremy Platt – Fields Farm

In 2015 Jeremy Platt at Fields Farm, upgraded from a 30/30 Global 90i with automatic dipping and flushing to a 50/50 with the ApolloMilkSystem. 

Jeremy said:  “Jace Supplies carried out the installation and have been excellent throughout the project.

“It is early days but I’m very excited about the way things are going.  Cell counts have already dropped by 30,000 and I believe numbers of mastitis cases are also dropping.  We had recently started using the GEA Dermatex cloth system which has definitely helped and now the Apollo is improving things further.

“Unit attachment and IQ stability is most impressive, especially with rear teat attachment.  My cows on this unit are comfortable and kick-offs are very rare, if any.”

“I knew when I went to see Apollo on Alan Winstanley’s rotary that I wanted this system in my parlour because of the way the Apollo clusters were positioned on the cows teats.  This showed me that the system would milk my cows cleanly and efficiently.

“The other advantages of the ApolloMilkSystem are the Veterinary Licenced teat dip which is used for post milking.  The teat coverage has improved and the back-flushing system flushes the whole of the cluster which is another reason for improved cell counts.

“Cell counts have definitely improved and bactoscans are below 10,000.

“Milking speeds have increased and the cows are very comfortable when being milked.

“I am certainly glad we did the upgrade.”

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