Dairy Hygiene

There are no short cuts to perfect hygiene if your goal is to produce milk of the very highest quality consistently. An important natural food, milk is highly susceptible to contamination and deserves our special attention.

Modern dairy farming technologies and an increased consumer awareness have made us realise that the role of hygiene in every step of milk production has reached a new level.

Hygiene products

Image of a milker dipping teats with an iodine based teat dipThe GEA Farm Technologies and Agroserve ranges of hygiene products provide the right solution to cleaning all areas of the milking and cooling installation. We offer a range of dairy hygiene products including:

  • Acids and alkalis to clean the milking machine and bulk tank
  • Specialist cleaners for the backflushing of clusters during milking
  • Products for cleaning the outside of the milking machine.
  • Udder cleansing products
  • Iodine and non-iodine based disinfectants
  • Bedding conditioners

Full details of all the products can be found in the hygiene section of the GEA Farm Technologies website and on the Agroserve website.

For links to order safety data sheets for all the GEA and Agroserve dairy chemicals see our article on “Not JUST a safety data sheet”

Delivered right to your dairy

Photo of the Jace Supplies van on our stand at the Nantwich ShowJace Supplies currently provide van sales to farmers in Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire. Our Hygiene Specialist, Jane Docksey, provides practical and cost-effective advice on which products will best suit your individual circumstances. Furthermore, she is supported GEA Hygiene Specialist, Melanie Heath, who is experienced in dairy and cow hygiene management. Jane can advise and show you new ways to optimise your cleaning procedures as well as help you to solve milk quality issues. Examining all aspects of the farm’s cleaning and milking routines, she may use the special HyCheck system to check the water quality on your farm and ascertain its cleaning properties. She will then recommend the right acid and alkaline cleaners and pre-and post-milking uddercare products to maximise the profitability of milk production on the individual farm.

We visit each farm on our round once a month supplying the full range of dairy chemicals, milking spares and farming accessories stocked in the Jace Supplies stores.

Supporting dairy farmers through family values, experience and expertise

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