Automatic Milking & Feeding Systems

Image showing 2-box MIoneThere are a number of ways you can go automatic, whether it’s robotic milking or automatic feeding.

We can supply and install GEA Farm Technologies range of automatic products including:

MIone automatic milking system

The MIone will free you from rigid milking times. You can achieve an optimum level of flexibility both for the development of your farm as well as for your personal time management. The special thing about the MIone is that it is not placed as an isolated set of equipment somewhere in the milking parlour, but is an intelligent integral part of a sound overall concept. The crucial element of this is the idea of a milking centre with the MIone at the heart of it. As the cows determine their own milking time, you are left with more time for herd management or other activities, which otherwise must always come further down your to-do list. In this respect, the proven milking technology of GEA Farm Technologies offers high milk quality combined with the optimum comfort for your cows.

Locating of the teats with the help of a 3D-direct camera system

Teat location with the MIoneWith the latest and unique teat locating technology from GEA Farm Technologies the position of the teats on the udder are detected quickly and easily. At the core of the system is a 3D-direct camera secured to the cluster arm. The camera simultaneously sees the teat-cups and the teat, brings both directly in relation to each other, and thus ensures that attaching is both quick and secure. Another advantage of this technology compared to conventional systems is the lack of sensitivity to oblique sources of light.

Furthermore, the process allows the camera to be mounted in a position, where it is best protected against dirt and kicking of the cow. As, in the MultiBox concept, the robot arm for placing the teat-cup immediately moves on to the next stall or next cow after having carried out its task and never remains under the cow during milking. The system additionally ensures that the risk of possible damage is further reduced.

Find out more about the MIone.

Mullerup automatic feeding systems

Using automatic feeding systems, such as the Mullerup range from GEA Farm Technologies, saves time on the farm which can be used to focus on other areas such as herd health as they will ensure that feed rations are automatically mixed and distributed 24 hours a day.  Feed can also be split into groups and the system programmed to ensure the cows get the correct feed for their group.  They also require minimum maintenance.

Products available include:

  • Mix Feeder:  The Mix Feeder is the fully automated feeder that mixes and distributes in the shed 24/7. Read more about the Mix Feeder
  • Feed Stall Feeder:  The rail-mounted Feed Stall Feeder provides herds with a finely measured amount of feed from a stationary mixer or a silage bunker – reliably and round the clock. This results in time and labour savings every day.  Read more about the Feed Stall Feeder 
  • MM8:  MM8 silage bunkers maintain stocks of all different types of roughage and are an integrated part of the automatic feeding system. The non-waste double floor is designed to avoid any waste material on the floor. Any left-over feed on the carriers and chains at the top-end will automatically be pulled in from the bottom-end.  Read more about MM8 silage bunkers
  • MVM Mixer:  The powerful MVM stationary mixer is at the heart of every partially and fully automated feed supply system. It mixes all kinds of roughage, concentrates and minerals with the greatest of care into a perfect mixed TMR ration, which is ready to be distributed to your cows and ensures high-yield milk production.  Read more about the MVM stationary mixer
  • Mix & Carry:  Mix & Carry is the reliable, automatic feeding system that frees farmers from the work involved in feeding, including the weighing of individual portions of roughage and minerals as well as the mixing and distribution of the TMR onto the feed alley.  Read more about the Mix & Carry
  • Belt Feeder:  With the Belt Feeder you can take the first step towards having an automatic feed supply – a small but flexible solution with great financial benefits.  The combination of a conveyor belt and a wire pulled plough permits small amounts of feed to be distributed several times a day to different groups of cows.  Read more about the Belt Feeder

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