Parlour upgrades & extensions

Image showing feedersThere are two basic reasons for upgrading milking parlours during their life time:

  1. Throughput increase
    If you increase your herd size to increase profitability you may be able to avoid major investment by extending or upgrading your existing equipment. GEA Farm Technologies offer a number of products that may help you to increase the throughput of your milking parlour (see right).
  2. Cost reduction
    With margins being so tight in dairying, you have to take advantage of every possible cost saving. This is where parlour upgrades come in – smaller investments during the life of a parlour, aimed at taking advantage of the latest improvements in design and technology to reduce on-going costs. Many recent developments such as vacuum on demand, heat recovery and run-off water systems will help reduce utility bills substantially and can start paying their way in a short time.

Jace Supplies specialise in fitting upgrade packages that can help you to keep on top of margins – talk to us to find out how we can help your farm.


Finance is available, subject to status, through GEA Farm Finance, which operates in partnership with AGF to provide flexible finance solutions to support your new investment in GEA’s innovative technologies. For further details call 08450 569 564 or visit the website.

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