Servicing and Spares


Servicing is crucial in maintaining the efficiency of your milking machine by ensuring that wearing parts are replaced before they affect its performance and potentially herd health, milk quality and milk yield.

The service interval that is appropriate for your milking machine will depend on how many hours a day it is running: GEA Farm Technologies recommends a main service every 1500 running hours with a minor 750-hour service (comprised of liner change and vacuum check) in between. However, some parts only need replacing every 3000, 4500 or even every 9000 hours, and it is to your benefit that your service engineer knows which part should be replaced when:

Jace Supplies offers servicing both on a regular contract basis (recommended to ensure consistent machine performance) or on an ad-hoc basis. Our service engineers are fully trained in all aspects of servicing, including GEA servicing procedures, to keep your milking machine, cows and milk in tip-top condition.


Jace Supplies sell a full range of consumables. We carry heavily-used items in stock, and can obtain anything else you need to order.

For GEA (WestfaliaSurge) milking parlours we recommend the use of GEA original spares and consumables as we think they perform the best. We also sell a range of generic spares including:

  • Rubber and silicone fittings and tubing
    • Teat cup liners
    • Non-return flaps
  • Cluster spares
    • Claw tops
    • Sight glasses

We can obtain spare operating manuals where these have been lost or destroyed.

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